Explore the selection of Rolls-Royce Provenance Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, available in Raleigh.

Discover Bespoke

A Rolls-Royce is more than a motor car.
It is a work of art, hand-made to order exclusively for you, by our team of highly skilled craftspeople and designers.


Explore Provenance Certified Rolls-Royce Vehicles

There's a reason why residents throughout the Carolinas work with our Rolls-Royce dealership. Our business is committed to giving all our customers an exceptionally great experience. That's why we hold Provenance Certified-Pre-Owned Inventory for our most devoted clientele. At Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, we ensure our entire selection is in pristine condition to ensure your Rolls-Royce is just as luxurious as it's first drive.

Why Provenance Certified Vehicles?

Each model is curated to sophisticated taste and design. Continue the legacy by acquiring one of our Provenance vehicles and trusting the Goodwood technicians from Rolls-Royce. When you buy Provenance, you accept the solace in knowing that all products are maintained with Rolls-Royce Genuine Parts. Additionally, all Provenance Certified-Pre-Owned vehicles include two years of warranty, service, and roadside assistance that other pre-owned luxury models  can't promise.

Entrust our professionals to prolong the longevity of a carefully crafted Rolls-Royce, built to live many lifetimes and antique over time like the piece of artwork it is. If you're looking to collect a timeless part of the Rolls-Royce brand, Provenance is a path you'll want to follow to protect your investment. Keep car buying a memento for you and your loved ones to reminisce about when sentimental value meets nostalgia.

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We work with locals as close as Cary and Charlotte - to enthusiasts across the country with our ability to deliver white-glove service. If you're interested in our delivery services or have any questions, feel free to ask any member of our specialist team. We strive for customer satisfaction and an impression that will last a lifetime. Contact or visit Rolls-Royce Motor Cars of Raleigh today and see why our clients return time and again.