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Pre-owned Ferrari Models: Legendary Sports Cars With a Distinctive Italian Accent

As a Rolls-Royce dealership in Raleigh, NC, we recognize and honor the widely-admired heritage and performance characteristics of our pre-owned Ferrari sports cars. While our pre-owned Ferrari inventory changes often, buyers from Cary or Durham might browse our choices online and find an inspired 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider Convertible or a 2020 Portofino Base Convertible we offered recently with less than 5,000 miles.

A Brief Look Into the History of Ferrari

Ferrari is a storied, globally-renowned automaker with a remarkable history that began in Modena, Italy in 1898. That's when Enzo Ferrari began his career as a race car driver piloting Alfa Romeo models. He won several awards in his racing career and in 1929 founded the Scuderia Ferrari, a race car organization that was part of Alfa Romeo. The Alfa division focused on preparing race cars especially for gentleman drivers.

Enzo Ferrari's Next Years: Looking for Work/Life Balance

Enzo managed to finish second in the Circuito Tre Province in 1931, a more-than-respectable performance that turned out to be his last race competing as a driver. He wanted to shift more of his time to his family, especially as he anticipated the birth of his first son Alfredo, more commonly known as Dino. But Mr. Ferrari continued his work with Scuderia and built cars for Alfa until 1939 when he left to start his own car company.

The Ferrari Car Company That Couldn't be Called Ferrari

A key condition of Mr. Ferrari's departure from Alfa Romeo was that he was not allowed to use the Ferrari name in connection with his own cars or races for four years. Honoring that agreement, Mr. Ferrari called his new car company Auto Avio Costruzioni, which he launched in his hometown of Modena, Italy. He didn't change the name to Auto Construzioni Ferrari until 1957 and the first Ferrari-named car was the Ferrari 125 S.

Transition Years for the Ferrari Brand

Ferrari introduced the V12 engine in 1945 and it became one of the company's signature accomplishments. Over the next few decades, Ferrari won major races including the Formula One World Championship Grand Prix. To build for the future, Ferrari forged a partnership with the Fiat Group in 1969 and Mr. Ferrari died in 1987 at the age of 90. The company he founded has produced some of the fastest and most admired cars in the world.

Some of the More Notable Ferrari Models Launched in Recent Years

The Ferrari Portofino M was first introduced in 2017 with a front-mid twin-turbo V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. It's described as a "2+2 Grand Tourer" that's a hard-top convertible. The 812 Superfast is one of several other models also launched in 2017. All were Grand Tourer sports coupes with formidable V12 engines. The SF90 Stradale and Spider were unveiled in 2019. The Ferrari 296 GTB and 296 GTS models were introduced in 2021.

Some Advantages of Our Dealership for Luxury Sports Car Buyers

Because we are a Rolls-Royce dealership, we specialize in meeting the demands of the luxury car buyer. Our on-site service center in Raleigh is staffed with master technicians who are skillfully trained and experienced in the science of caring for the finest classic and luxury automotive brands.

We Offer Other Luxury Models Well Worth Your Consideration

In addition to a complete array of new and pre-owned Rolls-Royce models, we are also honored to offer outstanding pre-owned luxury cars from global brands like LamborghiniMcLarenBentley, and Aston Martin. We invite North Carolina luxury sports car buyers from Charlotte and the Carolinas to review our pre-owned Ferrari models and arrange for a memorable test drive soon at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Raleigh in Raleigh, NC.